Build Up Downtown

Working together to transform downtown ottawa into a vibrant hub and world-class destination.

Now is the time to invest in our urban core and create a more diverse, resilient, and vibrant downtown for everyone in our city, our national capital region, and our country. We have a unique opportunity to build up our downtown as a vibrant local hub and a destination for the world to enjoy.

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Our Plan To Unlock The Potential

Together, with our economic partners, including the City of Ottawa, the Ottawa Board of Trade has engaged city building experts at the Canadian Urban Institute to design a Downtown Ottawa Action Plan. It is being built based on work and initiatives already underway, a review of current economic development plans, best practices from other large cities, data reports and community consultations.

The pillars for downtown transformation include:

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Affordable, walkable amenity rich communities.

Obot 02

Public and private investment in infrastructure, public realm and placemaking.

Obot 03

Employment growth and economic diversification.

Obot 04

Safety and security for workers, residents, visitors, and vulnerable people.


Immediate Actions for Downtown

The final report and Downtown Ottawa Action Plan are being developed in partnership with the City of Ottawa, Ottawa Tourism, Invest Ottawa, National Capital Commission, OCOBIA and BOMA. The plan is being led by city building experts at the Canadian Urban Institute and will be comprised of immediate, medium, and long-term recommendations with accountabilities and desired outcomes. It will be complete in early 2024. Meanwhile, we will begin working on these immediate actions.


Employment Growth & Economic Diversification

Guarantee 10-Year PILT (payments in lieu of taxes) and support for transition of core from federal government.


Investment In Infrastructure

Fund transit gap from federal and provincial governments to enhance mobility to the core.


Investment In Public Spaces

Pilot incentive strategy to build more downtown residential and office to residential and alternative use conversions.


Safety and Security for All

Commit to a collaborative effort including experts in homelessness and support service providers, and funding from all levels of government to urgently address homelessness, mental health, and addictions.


Affordable, Walkable & Amenity Rich Communities

Prioritize Public Realm Investments and Create Downtown Animation Fund to enhance vibrancy.


The transformation of downtown Ottawa requires a whole-of-community approach. Together with the Federal Government, the province of Ontario, the City of Ottawa, and partners, we can ensure our downtown core remains a key driver of economic growth and community prosperity for all.


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Feel At Home Downtown
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Working together, we can create a thriving downtown where residents can live, work, and play in their own vibrant backyard.

A Downtown For Everyone
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Downtown Ottawa must feel safe and accessible for all. By investing in social and civic infrastructure, we can do just that.

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Reliable transit is key to a thriving, workable, and liveable downtown for everyone across Ottawa to enjoy.

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Strategic investments in placemaking and infrastructure can turn downtown Ottawa into a destination to live, work and play.

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To keep the heart of Ottawa beating, our downtown needs affordable homes, diverse businesses, and lively public spaces.

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Attracting and strengthening businesses from street fronts to offfice towers is key to revitalized downtown Ottawa.


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